DDoS Simulation

Address your DDoS risks on your terms instead of getting dictated by actual attackers.


DDOS simulation prepares you for the most unimaginable attacks. We help you leverage from latest technology for this any level of preparation.

DDoS Simulation Attacks

You may be an e-commerce company, an organization using e-governance or any Internet-facing company, you are always under a risk of a DDoS attack. Our attack plans and data-based approach keep your business always ready for such attacks.

Application layer DDoS attacks

This kind of DDoS attack affects the application at layer 7 of the OSL model. It is designed to either crash the entire application or the application server. This doesn’t directly attack the volume of the traffic but affects the types and combinations of traffic. We organize a DDoS application attack by generating excessive HTTP/HTTPS POST or GET requests to selected URLs. We can create Mail flood, SIP flood or DNS query flood to render the application shut-down. We aim at testing how quickly your application exhausts its resources and provide remedy and readiness for future on these grounds.

Volumetric/Flood DDoS attacks

These attacks affect your internet connection and end-target hosts because there’s so much illegitimate traffic coming from all sides on your application or site. Our team can prepare you for these attacks by generating a multi-gigabyte attack traffic from various global sources and locations. We have teams that would practically be located on various geographical regions with the purpose of actually attacking the scalability of your system. The purpose of volumetric DDoS simulation is to test your ability to withstand extreme load patterns like UDP packets, SYN flooding, ICMP floods etc.

Resource starvation attacks
These attacks will severely affect the network stack resources or the underlying operating system. These are also called Low-and-Slow attacks because the attacks use very low resources like SMTP, NTP or DNS. These can be Slow post, Search page attack etc in order to catch your business off-guard and render your system either slow or disrupted. We can simulate these attacks very efficiently from several sources in order to efficiently test and prepare your system.

Our Advantage

We believe in the Purple Team approach of DDoS simulation where we combine the attacking force (Red Team) with that of the defending force (The Blue Team) in order to strengthen your defense mechanisms.

Extensive Use Cases

Our Purple Team has the most number of use cases for DDoS simulation. We have at least 17 such use cases which are possibly the highest number in terms of industry and attack types. This gives us an edge to provide the most dependable DDoS protection.

Quick Red Button Service

You can practically stop a DDoS simulation attack within two minutes of receiving the Stop command. We will act fast and push the Red Button as quickly as you want because we believe that your business and its requirements are unique. We will not let our simulation affect your business or traffic in any way.

Methodical Approach

While we know every possible tool available for DDoS simulation, we also know that tools are fallible. We can customize as per changing circumstances and data environment. Our Purple Team approach is a methodical process that helps us create all the possible combinations as we go.

Authorized and certified hackers

Our team is a mix of certified hackers and authorized security experts possessing certifications such as CREST Registered Tester; Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE); Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP); Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA); Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) and SourceFire Certified Professional (SFCP) among others.

We prepare your team

We make it a goal to ensure that your Blue Team is always a fortress against the most sophisticated DDoS attack. We give you a comprehensive action report with deep insights about vulnerabilities and problem areas.

Worldwide resources

A DDoS attack simulation is effective when it can create a real-world attack from multiple sources around the world. Our hackers are spread across the globe in order to create a multi-vector DDoS attack for testing your system in the most effective way possible.

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