SOC Consultation

Our SOC Consultation services help you identify the most suitable tools, people and processes for your security operation center.

Next-Gen SOC Design

Your advanced security controls should be part of an integrated program that covers detection, orchestration, automation, analytics, incident response, measurement, and reporting.


We carefully assess your infrastructure and operations to lay a better foundation of SOC.


We leverage the best resources and skilled team to build world-class SOC.


We keep adding more features and train your staff to stay ahead of attackers.

SOC Consultation Services


We combine technology, people and process management using the knowledge of a large cyber security talent pool. This gives you an edge over your attackers because your security operations center is able to evolve with changing challenges.


Tools management consultation

Whether you have a captive security operation center or you are using a managed security provider, the decision about technology tools is crucial. If you are in the process of setting up a captive SOC, you will need SIEM tools. Each of these tools have four to five vendors providing solutions and you will need industry knowledge along with a deep understanding of your future needs to be able to decide upon these tools. Depending upon the type, size and domain of your organization, you may need User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), End-point Detection

Response (EDR) or Deception Technology. We consult you which to tools to invest in for your captive SOC. After analysing your needs, we may also consult you on whether you need a managed security provider instead of investing in a captive SOC.

Process management consultation

Your SOC will need several processes such as incident response, changed managed process or SAAS management process in place. These processes have to be in line with the technology tools that you have chosen to invest in. The setting up of the processes with the organization’s existing system and applying the right tools is a complex exercise and requires deep expertise. Our SOC consultation provides you with the requisite systems of setting up your processes using the right tools.

Training of personnel

At least 65% organizations say that finding employees with the right skills for security operation center is a challenge. A security operation center needs operators, analysts and subject-matter experts. We train people at Levels 1, 2 and 3 of your SOC. We have training labs that can easily simulate Blue Team and Red Team environments. This enables us to train people in your organization in real-time project environment and truly prepare your staff towards identifying potential events and responding faster.

SOC Architecture Design

A sound SOC architecture is key towards creating a robust and dependable security environment. We apply proprietary governance and maturity models to assess progress and bring out focus areas for improvement. We help you spell out key metrics and KPIs and help you improve processes.

Custom Implementation Services

We help you in the development of automation script so you can integrate advanced applications and controls. This may include orchestration and automation platforms within your existing infrastructure. We also consult you in data lake, analytics and machine learning. We help you achieve efficiency in threat intelligence integration and how to apply a proactive protection within your existing systems.

Helping You Find Success With Tailor made Solutions

The Best Possible Methods to Implement Solutions



Leverage the best of next-gen technology tools

Which SIEM tools are the best to invest in or whether it is better to hire a managed security provider; whether your organization needs UEBA or EDR are some crucial technology tool decisions. Consultation helps you choose which tools will work best for your security operation center.

Manage your processes better

SOC consultation would effectively assist you in managing processes such as incident response process, changed managed process or SAAS management process. You may save a lot of your time and energy on designing and deciding upon these processes.

Get the best of cyber security talent

Sourcing and hiring the best of cyber security talent is difficult and time-consuming. SOC consultation experts give you access to the top-notch talent pool as per your needs.

Identify events faster

Another big advantage of hiring SOC consultants is that they enhance your capability of security assessment. As a result you are able to determine faster which events pose the most threat.

Streamline threat analysis

SOC consultants bring in larger chunks of use cases and a variety of experience which results in better security intelligence. This enables you to streamline threat analysis and respond faster and better to new use cases.

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